May Egg Subscription

May Egg Subscription


Advance pay for a dozen eggs per week for the month of May.

Pick ups occur every Saturday, between 11am and 1pm (there are 5 Saturdays in May).

One subscription equals one dozen eggs per week, however you can purchase 2 subscriptions if you prefer receiving 2 dozen eggs per week.

Pick ups on May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29.

  • Subscription Policy

    Subscription cannot be broken up. If you cannot pick up every Saturday in May, please choose to purchase "Eggs" in our produce list on the week you are able to pick up.

Certified Organic

IOPA 1305-1992


Owned and operated by Amy Lobb and Calum Oliver.

Currently located and supported by Haliburton Community Organic Farms.

Unit 6 - 741 Haliburton Rd

Victoria BC

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