Makoha Farm is owned and operated by Amy & Calum. We began our farming journey in 2019 on 0.6 acres of leased land on Cordova Bay Ridge in Victoria BC. At Makoha, we want our love of good food to come across in what we grow: providing tasty, healthy, and top quality produce. It is important to us that while we do this, we are also looking after the earth and our community. We grow a diversity of vegetable crops and have quickly fallen in love with growing flowers for cut arrangements - and of course the bees!


The land we operate on is certified organic by Islands Organic Producers Association (IOPA).

As we learned about farming, we quickly realised we wanted to follow regenerative agricultural methods. We have chosen to be no-till: using natural composts, mulches, and manures that will feed the soil, suppress weeds (still working on that one!), and sequester carbon in the soil. We want to regenerate our soil and sustain its health for future generations of farmers. We are actively learning about the different methods and techniques that will work best for us. If you are interested in having a conversation with us about regenerative agriculture, what it is; why it is important; or what techniques you have used on your farm/in your garden, we are always eager to chat. Maybe even over a coffee in the sunshine!

Wherever possible in our business, we aim to be "zero waste" and are constantly looking for ways to improve on this. We reuse and repurpose on the farm; make our own compost and feed a lot of farm waste (weeds, old crops) to our chickens; try to use natural and compostable packaging wherever possible, and work with our chefs and fresh food stores to always deliver and transfer in re-usable food totes.

Certified Organic

IOPA 1305-1992


Owned and operated by Amy Lobb and Calum Oliver.

Currently located and supported by Haliburton Community Organic Farms.

Unit 6 - 741 Haliburton Rd

Victoria BC

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